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You Just Wrote An Offer, What Happens Next?   

You just wrote and an offer, the seller accepted and you’re telling your friends you just bought your dream house.  (Search for homes here.)  You are super excited, but what happens now?  The first thing that happens is your agent … Continue reading

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When The Economy Changes, What Happens To Real Estate?

When the economy changes, naturally the value of real estate is affected.  But how is it affected and how quickly does the change register?  By all measures the national economy is improving.  Consumers are spending more money, the declining price … Continue reading

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Case Shiller at the end of 2014

Today’s Case Shiller numbers show a mixed bag of data.  There are some very strong indicators that the market is ready to break out; 8 cities were up over last month and the average annual appreciation was 4.5%.  Moreover the … Continue reading

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The Latest From Case-Shiller And Thoughts On The Economy

The latest Case-Shiller Home Indices came out yesterday and there were few surprises.  Price appreciation declined in almost every market, a fact that suggests that home values are stabilizing.  This should come as no surprise since for most markets the first … Continue reading

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A Big Day For Conejo Valley Buyers And Sellers  

OK, so maybe a Big Day for the Conejo is a bit of an exaggeration.  Still, it’s worth noting that today our total number of units stands at 497.  The reason this is significant, is that with 3 more available … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Latest Case-Shiller and Prices

When the real estate market was at its lowest point, prices had to by definition do what?  Either stay flat or rise.  After all we’re talking about the lowest point.  For argument sake, let’s say that low point was in … Continue reading

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The Emperor Has No Clothes; Or Why Aren’t The Pundits Looking At Inventory?

I know, I know, I’m pounding the inventory drum to death.  I guess I just can’t help it; it’s just so painfully obvious.  Do you remember the Hans Christian Andersen story of the emperor who is persuaded by a swindler … Continue reading

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