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The Good Old Days

Last night I put on the original Great Gatsby with Robert Redford.  It’s not a particularly good movie really.  I guess it’s just a story that doesn’t translate from the page to the screen.  What struck me however, was this … Continue reading

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The World Is Flat! Thank Goodness… Kinda

There were several interesting items of note it this morning’s paper some good, some not so good.  First and foremost is that it was reported that Southern California prices were flat for the second consecutive month.  Whew!  For a minute … Continue reading

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Real Estate, Realtors And What I Learned From My Son’s Trip To The Hospital

For the past 5 days my 19 year old son has been a guest of Los Robles Regional Medical Center.  Since he’s being released today, I can finally relax and reflect.  Being that I am a Realtor, and a blogger, … Continue reading

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