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Want Scary This Halloween? Look At The Government

Thursday’s 4.6% decline in the Pending Home Sales, as reported by the National Association of Realtors, is in stark contrast with the 2.5% growth in GDP.  This is the strongest evidence yet of the effect of Congress’ ineptitude on the … Continue reading

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Finally A Step In The Right Direction

As many of you may recall I sent an open letter to the President last month begging for a refinance relief plan for underwater, but current borrowers.  Yesterday the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced changes to the ineffectual HARP … Continue reading

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B of A: Think Like A Borrower, Not A Bank

Bank of America is under heavy fire from every direction right now.  States are suing them over inappropriate foreclosure procedures and over fraudulent loans Countrywide made, which they inherited when the bought the now defunct lender.  They have mounting nonperforming … Continue reading

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People Die, Get Over It

No this is not a discussion about Steve Jobs whose death affects us all in ways sadly we’ll never know.  No, this has to do with the odd stigma of “in home death” and the increasing trend of people choosing … Continue reading

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