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It Wasn’t That Long Ago…

As the Supreme Court prepares to render a decision on the equality of marriage, I was reminded yesterday that it wasn’t that long ago, when equality in housing did not exist. I was at a new listing I have coming out, checking … Continue reading

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To Do An Open House Or Not To Do An Open House, That Is The Question

As I prepare for another Sunday open house, I thought I’d share some thoughts on this age old practice and pose these questions: Is it worthwhile holding an open house?  And does opening your home to the public actually accomplish … Continue reading

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The Problem With Pipeline

Pipeline.  I suppose the word stems from the bringing of water from the well to the parched.  Perhaps it comes from the ancient times.  King Herod is supposed to have built miles of waterways to water the lands of Israel.  … Continue reading

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The Problem With Appraisals

By definition appraisals are backwards looking.  The designed purpose of an appraisal during the loan and purchase process, is to demonstrate to the lender that the security (the house) for the note (the loan), is worth the price the borrower … Continue reading

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