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What’s My Home Worth?  A Sensible Guide To Pricing A Home For Sale

When I am asked to meet with a potential seller to discuss listing their home for sale, the first thing I need to understand is their motivation.  Why are they selling?  Could it be there have been changes in the … Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer, The LA Clippers And The Conejo Valley Housing Market

Twice a day the father of two middle schoolers, checks his favorite MLS site to see if anything new has come on the market.  He’s looking for the perfect place to call their next home.  It has to be on … Continue reading

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The Latest From Case-Shiller And Thoughts On The Economy

The latest Case-Shiller Home Indices came out yesterday and there were few surprises.  Price appreciation declined in almost every market, a fact that suggests that home values are stabilizing.  This should come as no surprise since for most markets the first … Continue reading

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When Is It Time To Replace Your Realtor?

You’ve been on the market for many months and your home hasn’t sold.  Maybe you got some traffic in the beginning but what was a trickle, has now turned into a tortuous drip.  You’re getting pretty anxious because you really … Continue reading

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For Sale By Owner

Every once in a while when I am on a listing presentation, I get asked to explain why a seller shouldn’t just sell their home on their own?  Put another way, why they should have me do it?  I love … Continue reading

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Donald Sterling And The Face Of America

The explosive remarks attributed to Donald Sterling Saturday serve to remind us that discrimination and the racist caricature that has plagued our nation, still exists.  It’s important that we acknowledge this and recognize that just because it’s below the surface, … Continue reading

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A Big Day For Conejo Valley Buyers And Sellers  

OK, so maybe a Big Day for the Conejo is a bit of an exaggeration.  Still, it’s worth noting that today our total number of units stands at 497.  The reason this is significant, is that with 3 more available … Continue reading

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