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First Time Homebuyers Episode 8: Contingencies

Welcome to yet another episode of our First Time Homebuyers podcast series!  In this episode, we talk about contingencies!  Learn what contingencies are and what they mean when they come up during your real estate transactions. So, take a seat … Continue reading

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First Time Homebuyers Episode 5: The Offer

Hello, and welcome to yet another episode of the podcast in our new series, “First Time Homebuyers.” This is a multi-part series in which we take a deep dive into buying your most crucial and important investment in your life … Continue reading

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Pushing A Buyer To Lift Contingencies, What Options Are There?

Most sellers begin the process of selling their home with a few common misconceptions.  The usual ones revolve around condition and price; “someone will pay my asking price because they’ll fall in love with the home just as I did.”   … Continue reading

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