Top 10 Reasons To Sell In 2017

As homage to David Letterman, here are the top 10 reason you should sell your home in 2017.

  1. Your home has gone up and you want the home of your dreams.
  2. You’re new job is finally paying you what you’re worth and you’re getting killed in taxes so time to sell and buy up.
  3. Your mother in law’s arrival makes your home way too small and the current bedroom count, one fewer than is minimally necessary.
  4. Your neighbor is so close that you hear every argument they have and the temptation to stay out of the conflict has gotten to be too much.
  5. Climate change necessitates a swimming pool and its cheaper to sell and buy a home with a pool than to build one yourself.
  6. Now that your child is school age, you realize your Realtor (Contact Tim Here) was right, you should always consider schools when buying.
  7. The return of the LA Rams means you now have the excuse for a man cave you’ve been looking for.
  8. You bought an Airstream at the latest RV show only to find out your HOA doesn’t allow RV storage.
  9. Your spouse says it’s either move or remodel and has already picked the Beverly Hills designer to help.
  10. And the tenth and final reason to sell in 2017, the outcome of the US election has prompted you to seek permanent residence status in Canada.

About Tim Freund

Tim Freund has been a licensed real estate agent/broker since 1990. He spent 14 years as a new home sales rep, ran his own boutique resale brokerage for 5 years and is currently an Estates Director for Dilbeck Estates/Christie's International Estates in Westlake Village, Ca. Tim is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), an Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR), a Corporate Mobilty Specialist (CMS) and a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). Tim has successfully negotiated a loan modification for a client and has been a professional short sale negotiator. Tim sells along the Los Angeles and Ventura County lines, “from LA to Ventura..”. Tim has been married 31 years, has 2 children, is a native Californian and has been a resident of the Conejo Valley since 1991.
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